Interactive Games

Hoverball Archery 


 Hoverball Archery is the safe and fun way for kids AND adults to hone in their archery skills! There are 4 balls floating on a stream of air and you and your party guests take turns shooting them out of the air! This will keep the whole party entertained for hours! Comes with 2 bows and 8 arrows, this things awesome!


 $175 + tax for a full day rental





Basketball Game


   This takes basketball to the next level! 13 ft tall with 2 hoops so you and a guest can have a shootout! Comes with 4 mini basketballs. 



 $125 + tax for a full day rental!







Inflatable Tee Ball

Bring the ballpark to your backyard with this inflatable tee ball game! The ball floats on a stream of air as you take a swing and try to hit a home run!


$125 + tax for a full day rental!