Lava Slide

Hang Ten on this incredible 19' water slide — the perfect addition to any backyard party - school or church event. Why pay all the money to bring the family to the waterpark?  Bring the water park to you!

$325 for a full day rental!




Dolphin Fun Slide

 The Dolphin Slide is perfect size for all ages, 16 feet tall with 2 dolphins at the top! Can be used either wet or dry!


 $200 + tax for a full day rental!



Dual Lane Pirate Slide

 The Dual Lane Pirate Slide can also be used as a dry slide with a dry bumper  attachment instead of a pool! Same fun! No mess! 


 $300 + tax for a full day rental!



Rock Climb

Need a fun, smaller slide?  The Rock-Climb-Slide is 16' tall and 30' long of smiles!  One side is an inflated rock wall - the other a slide - so it's two times the fun!

$175 + tax for a full day rental!