18 foot Cascade Crush

This awesome tropical themed waterslide will be the hit of the party! At 18 feet tall and 36 feet long this slide is perfect for all ages!


 $300 + tax for a full day rental!




Dual Lane Pirate Slide

  Pirate themed party or just need a huge waterslide ? This is for you! 19 feet tall, 2 lanes, 1 giant       pool, this has it all ! Also has a 30 foot attachable slip n slide for only $100 more!


 $325 + tax for a full day rental!



Pirate Slide with Slip n Slide

Looking for the Ultimate Water Slide set up ? HERE IT IS! 60 feet long, 19 feet tall, 15 feet wide, Dual Lane! Guests will talk about your event all year! The 30 foot slip n slide attaches at the end of the Dual Lane Pirate Slide to add 30 feet of slip n slide fun! 


$425 + tax for a full day rental!



Lava Slide

Hang Ten on this incredible 19' water slide — the perfect addition to any backyard party - school or church event. Why pay all the money to bring the family to the waterpark?  Bring the water park to you!

$325 for a full day rental!




Dolphin Fun Waterslide

 The Dolphin slide is perfect size all ages, 16 feet tall with 2 dolphins at the top! can be used either wet or dry! 


$225 + tax for a full day rental!



Kids Tropical Slide

Feeling Tropical ? This slide is perfect for the kids during the summer! At 14 feet tall it is perfect size for smaller children. Rent this for the kids and they wont be disappointed!


 $175 + tax for a full day rental!



Pirate slip n slide

 What better than an old fashioned slip n slide ? A Dual Lane one! Just over 30 feet long, 2 lanes, and a huge pool, this is one way to enjoy the summer!


 $175 + tax for a full day rental!



30 ft Wildsplash Surf n Slide

More smiles per foot with the Surf n’ Slide!  It’s like the ultimate slide and slide - jump on and have the slide of your life!  Perfect for any hot occasion - birthday, camp, or neighborhood block party!  You’ll rent this one again and again!

$150 + tax for a full day rental!